Enjoy the benefits of safe and environmental friendly packaging with our wide range of Water Soluble Films, PVA Water Soluble Films, Cold Water Soluble Films...


Enjoy the benefits of safe and environmental friendly packaging with our wide range of Water Soluble Films, PVA Water Soluble Films, Cold Water Soluble Films...

About Us

Water soluble PVA films is mainly used as a packaging material for a number of product types, these films provide protection to the products and allow packaging companies to have a competitive edge over their counterparts in the industry. Noble Industries, has established itself as a trusted Manufacturer & Exporter of a wide range of high quality PVA Water Soluble Films. Our years of experience and vast insight has allowed us to deliver a wide range of products like Water Soluble Film For Packing, PVA Film, Cold Water Soluble Films, Cold Water Soluble PVA Film, etc. With a vision to attain complete satisfaction for all our customers, we are working with zeal in the industry to provide products that meet the customers needs and consistently exceeds their expectations. The products that we provide to our customers have a wide area of application in the packaging of
Agricultural chemical, Industrial batch chemicals, Pigments and dyes, etc. An advanced production facility and team of highly skilled professionals allows us to provide the appropriate films for varied applications. The products that we offer can be used to efficiently pack any type of liquid or powder. Further, we follow a tight quality control process, all the manufactured products are made using high grade raw materials. The films play a huge role in enhancing productivity and decreasing the cost of packaging. We offer all these products at nominal prices, with easy payment options.

Applications Of Water Soluble Films

Over the years, PVA has found wide areas of applications in various industries, it has been most widely used in the packaging of detergents. Studies have shown that the application segment of PVA in detergents has been valued at over USD 80 million. PVA packing makes detergents safe to be used without the fear of any adverse effects. Water Soluble films are a great boon in embroidery, their usage increases the dimensional stability of the materials, they are particularly used in medical industry as they eliminate the problem of contamination. LCD panels are also a large area of application for these products, the market share is over USD 5 billion. This application segment has seen continuous growth owing to the increasing concern of environmental hazards. Stated below are some of the reasons why PVA films are preferred:-

  • They provide user safety while dealing with potentially hazardous materials
  • Enhances environmental safety
  • Causes a reduction in packaging and shipping costs
  • Creates a USP for your products

Insight Of The PVA Industry

The continuous growth and development in the packaging industry, especially in the detergents and agrochemicals industry has actively contributed to the success of the PVA industry. The green packaging initiative focuses on the need for packaging that is both durable and environmental modes of packaging. Water soluble PVA are majorly preferred in various industries for their non hazardous nature. The global detergent consumption is estimated to be approximately 30 million tons. Increasing detergent production and consumption are expected to grow packaging demand for this application. Growing needs in the agriculture industry is expected to actively contribute to the growth of the PVA industry.

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